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Postby UniversalEverything » Thu Nov 30, 2017 8:22 am

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Subject title: 7ft x 3.5 ft Ink & Acrylic (Any Thoughts?)

Hey! Haven't dropped by this forum in a while. I've started painting large scale and I was wondering if I could get any input from any of you :)

Higher res mirror available here :
Forest Photo lr edit 1000px.jpg


Postby Mandilor » Thu Nov 30, 2017 6:47 pm

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It looks cool. Not sure how to help as it's all pretty abstract. I guess the weakest part is the serpent dragon. You're using a lot of lines to hold his form and it differentiates it from the rest of the piece. Makes it look a bit flat. I like how you did the birch trees, those are really cool. Is that yellow thing near the bottom suppose to be a syringe?


Postby Audiazif » Tue Dec 05, 2017 4:54 am

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The textures are cool but to me the painting seems like two different paintings on one painting or the abstract and the representational elements are not meshing together well. This seems like a situational problem because I think in your past work you did not have this issue. I think there needs to be something more to tie the elements together. Like maybe some textural breakup going into the non-abstract parts. Another thing is I think it would of been better if the colors were less saturated. I think this could of helped with tying the abstract with the non-abstract. Right now the colors are too vibrant, they are saturated to begin with and then they are surrounded by a lack of saturation (more or less grey). Making the colors less saturate might of allowed you to put more saturation in areas you really wanted to pop. I also noticed that the composition is almost spit perfectly into thirds vertically. Not sure if it is good or bad. It could come across as a smaller painting on a large canvas with the top and bottom filled in after. I guess what I am saying is to think more about the compassion in regards to how you are utilizing the canvas.
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