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My sketchbook ! (Friendo)

PostPosted: Wed Feb 07, 2018 10:01 pm
by jobenjo
hey man, your boxes remind me of the times I messed around with the unity engine, i guess what I'm trying to say is that they look really good and accurate! (also why is the drawing you made of your friend like leagues better than some of the stuff here? like geez mah man besides the blockiness of the lip that is pretty nice to the eye)
for that painting you didnt know how to finish, (I'm not good with painting so I'm solely going off of critiques ive seen people give in the past) I'd recommend working with the edges and contrasts to make it pop out more? I'ts just my two cents, but I hope it helps!
also those little grass boxes in that one post are so friggin cool I'm a sucker for cartoony textures drawn that way

EDIT oh wow i was writing this as you posted that last one, nice man, act on those impulses!

My sketchbook ! (Friendo)

PostPosted: Wed Feb 07, 2018 10:26 pm
by Friendo
Tnx dawg, I'm really happy I'm finally able to draw normal boxes. :D

with the drawing of my friend I assume you mean my lady friend, war rly applying all the stuff I learned those couple of days in that one(Linewieght, Sinix's face construction, Multiply layer) and I'm pretty proud of all those portraits tbh. Kinda want to step away from doing those kinds of drawings tho, since I feel like I learn very little from them.

with that painting, ur4sure correct about the edges, also one one the biggest aspects of painting that I totally forgot was value. There is barley any value chances in the face which makes it look very weird and flat.

tnx for the feedback JoeBro, rly lifts up my mood! :)

(edit: also made a little guy to celebrate a 100 posts in my sketchbook)

My sketchbook ! (Friendo)

PostPosted: Fri Feb 09, 2018 8:55 pm
by Friendo
dunno what it is, but made a quick sketch.

still very noob with hands but I like the face, so might do something with this later.

(an anon asked me to do the whole head so that he could redline it, so I did)

(edit: also did the line art and flat color, shadow was kinda half-assed.

My sketchbook ! (Friendo)

PostPosted: Sun Feb 11, 2018 8:37 pm
by Friendo
another greyscale study(i think this counts).

saw a sketch in sinix's paint over video and wanted to give a try at drawing it, and afterwards also just went ahead and tried to plaint it.

It turned out in a intersting way, I like some of the new blending stuff I was trying, but hate the ears and stuff. also doesnt have alot of local value(barley any)
ref was sinix sketch

My sketchbook ! (Friendo)

PostPosted: Mon Feb 12, 2018 9:26 pm
by Friendo
Tried my hand at digital painting again today. This time it turned out leagues better then last time imo.

Made this with help of a blending tutorial, it gave me some handy tips.

probs gonna do a hair study or ear study next since I always struggle with those 2.

(edit: one of the comments I got on 4chan was that she might look gaunt. I was trying to convey local color in the cheecks while at the same time trying to give her highlights on her cheecks. now I cant unsee it, if anyone has tips on local value, pls.)
made with tutorial

(edit2: chanced some stuff up. so here. gonna keep the orignal so u can see the progress.)

(edit3: An anon on 4chan did a paint over of my drawing and it made we want to chance some stuff up.)

My sketchbook ! (Friendo)

PostPosted: Sun Feb 18, 2018 10:18 pm
by Friendo
Didnt really feel like drawing this weekend.

just found a youtube cartoonist who uses procreate(grill on left is study of his work) and got motivated to draw some stuff.

so here are two WIP's(the one on the right is supposed to be a goofy prophet Velen from World of Warcraft).

My sketchbook ! (Friendo)

PostPosted: Tue Feb 20, 2018 10:38 pm
by Friendo
Finished prophet Velen and tried my hand at drawing Garrosh Hellscream.

likey gonna add armor to Hellscream later. Hope to make like a small series of WoW characters but I'm about to go on vacation so it might be a while before I finish anything else. :?

dunno how the dynamic lighting worked out.

My sketchbook ! (Friendo)

PostPosted: Mon Mar 05, 2018 10:11 pm
by Friendo
I'm back!!!

Had an amazing vacation in Austria, but now back to drawing.

a few sketches I just made. trying stuff out.

My sketchbook ! (Friendo)

PostPosted: Tue Mar 06, 2018 10:47 pm
by Friendo
gonna try to make this another full page sketch thingy I did at the start of my sketch book. This time digitally.

just some more random sketches, gonna need to try to get more influences that only sinix soon :?

also working on another full page thingy in my sketch book again, this one with ballpoint. Gonna post it when its done I think. (its halfway-ish done atm)

EDIT: did more work on the page. compisition is way off. Still like it though. My favorite part is the lady in the wedding dress ;)

My sketchbook ! (Friendo)

PostPosted: Thu Mar 08, 2018 6:04 pm
by Friendo
removed the old guy. think it's finished now(should I change the background for the sword guy?).

think it turned out awesome. Great learning expiernce, normally I use the multiplier layer to do shadows but this time I wanted to make all the colors my self.

may fav part for sure is the knight and bride.

My sketchbook ! (Friendo)

PostPosted: Sun Mar 11, 2018 11:05 pm
by Friendo
Was kinda busy so didn't really draw this weekend. Until this evening that is. Opened up DailySketch and did some reference drawings.

Think the guy leaning against the wall is my fav, even though I like the shading on the soldier guy a lot as well.

edit: rendered more of the stuff, also added alot of stuff.

the anatomy and porpotions are kinde fucked up on most of these. especially the bottem two.

I like the lady who's looking over her shoulder the most personally, even though the neck might be a bit to long.

My sketchbook ! (Friendo)

PostPosted: Sun Mar 18, 2018 10:21 pm
by Friendo
currently reading Perspective Made Easy. I'm at chapter seven and doing the exercises.

here are some of them.

I'm trying to draw with my shoulder while doing these, but still cant really control my lines that way.

My sketchbook ! (Friendo)

PostPosted: Mon Mar 19, 2018 5:30 am
by Inkey
Yoo those are some sick sketches. You've got great shapes in your characters, especially the way you draw mouths. Where/how do you go about practicing your human figures?
Keep up the great works!

My sketchbook ! (Friendo)

PostPosted: Mon Mar 19, 2018 11:03 pm
by Friendo
currently on page 92 of PME. everything is still pretty fun and interesting.
Wonder how long until the boring complex stuff comes to the table.

Inkey wrote:Yoo those are some sick sketches. You've got great shapes in your characters, especially the way you draw mouths. Where/how do you go about practicing your human figures?
Keep up the great works!

tnx for the feed back Inkey, I appreciate it alot. since recently I use SketchDaily for references, very useful :)

My sketchbook ! (Friendo)

PostPosted: Wed Mar 21, 2018 9:10 pm
by Alpacky
Really love the third to last page
Some pretty nice design goin on all around
Also a goood show of fundamentals there. :D

My sketchbook ! (Friendo)

PostPosted: Fri Mar 23, 2018 10:37 pm
by Friendo
Still going through Perspective Made Easy, but also wanted to make something that looked finished.

if you would measure everything up you'd see that the light source is slightly messed up. I accidentally made a straight line titled. Wish there was a way to lock you line vertically in Procreate.

despite that, I like how it looks alot :)

My sketchbook ! (Friendo)

PostPosted: Sat Mar 24, 2018 11:59 am
by SeaQuenchal
Cool sketchbook! You've got a good variety of subject matter going on. I really like your full-page compositions.

My sketchbook ! (Friendo)

PostPosted: Sat Mar 24, 2018 7:13 pm
by 123mine123
Really like your art style! And good luck with the perspective studies. Props on you for really putting in the work for that. xD

My sketchbook ! (Friendo)

PostPosted: Sat Mar 24, 2018 9:11 pm
by Friendo
Feels like I kinda messed this one up. the perspective on the swing seats are kinda wrong it feels like.
also its not that appealing to look at. Hopefully I can get some adivse on 4chan on how to fix it. :D

SeaQuenchal wrote:Cool sketchbook! You've got a good variety of subject matter going on. I really like your full-page compositions.

Tnx dawg, plan on doing another page after my exams. :)

123mine123 wrote:Really like your art style! And good luck with the perspective studies. Props on you for really putting in the work for that. xD

Based on the pic I just posted, I'm gonna need to put in a LOT more time in x)

My sketchbook ! (Friendo)

PostPosted: Tue Mar 27, 2018 10:29 pm
by Friendo
Have a lot to do 4 my state exams this week so only have small sketches i made during philosophy class.

The lips are kinda messed up with the grill but kinda like it :).
Drew the hoodie first then the face within it, kinda dislike the hoodie now.
The guy 2 the right is all over the place, its has some aspects I like.

hope to have more time 2 draw soon :)

My sketchbook ! (Friendo)

PostPosted: Mon Apr 02, 2018 10:03 pm
by Friendo
done with writing everything for my finals and finally have time to do stuff I like.

Also just found out the program i've been using for a year has a perspective assist mode. This will make my life so much easier :D)

still tryna get gut with painting, first off: still a WIP from and old drawing. looks pretty cool to me.
from an old drawing.

Still painting, made this weird face. Not rly a fan.
no reff.(should have probably used one)

filled like 3 pages full of sketches with a one of those black pens(dunno the name), but most of it is just shitty anime grills, so here are some highlights.
used my hand as reff.

My sketchbook ! (Friendo)

PostPosted: Tue Apr 03, 2018 6:36 pm
by Friendo
small update on the figure guy.

still having major problems with doing these hands, but for the rest it looks nice.
also i think the lighting from the back is off.

next update I will just edit this post instead of making a new post it think :)

My sketchbook ! (Friendo)

PostPosted: Fri Apr 06, 2018 4:47 pm
by Friendo
made these both a while back and forgot 2 post.

first one on my math paper, its a spooky clown. Kinda like the pose and all.
no reff.

second off there is this piece from Persective Made East, which im almost done with.
no reff.

My sketchbook ! (Friendo)

PostPosted: Sun Apr 15, 2018 11:23 pm
by Friendo
done with PME, gonna do figure drawing book next i think.

filled a few pages with tiny sketches again, but again almost nothing worth posting.

but here is another perspective training thingy i did, wish I didnt keep it that basic, honestly looks alot like the last one I did.

Dont think i learned anything doing this one :?

My sketchbook ! (Friendo)

PostPosted: Mon Apr 16, 2018 10:45 pm
by Friendo
decided to scan some of the sketches I made today.

the skulls and the grill were made using other artist work as reference, the rest was just me doodling around during class.
the guy in the bottem left is a friend of mine who I play video games with.

(edit: fixed the line on the girls face)

(edit2: didnt want to make another whole post for this, so just added some more sketches I made during class here. I also did another attempt at the skull, but this time from memory. Not a big fan of the bottom right drawing, but my mom liked it :D)