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Postby Anchoram » Tue Mar 14, 2017 11:57 pm

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Subject title: Anchoram's Sketchbook

Hi guys!
I'm one of those happy 'drawing for pleasure' folks with no big plans about becoming a professional artist. That doesn't necessarily mean I wouldn't like to improve though, and I am hoping that getting active in an artistic community will help motivate and inspire me to improve my artistic capabillities. Mostly though, I'm here because I have no artistic friends and I really just want somebody to chat with about art etc. I'm hoping that by posting my art here some of you will take pity on my poor lonely soul and say hi. My first language isn't English, but I've been living in the UK for a couple of months now and I do get around, so I'm guessing it can't be that bad. Feel free to talk to me in Norwegian/Danish/Swedish though if you are a fellow Scandinavian.

Artistically though, my two current main goals for my sketches are 1) Get more independent from references and 2) Move away from the tempting but oh so boring pencil/pen sketches only. I really want to learn how to incorporate more colours into my pieces.

Without further rambling, here are some stuff I've drawn the past 5 months or so, a period where moving to another country has left me with no social life and nothing to do but draw all day after school. I accept and encourage critique.

A little process thingy for a larger piece. Both the lineart and the gouache version were done on regular printing paper, which I admit wasn't the smartest of choices. I'm doing AS lever art for fun and had to write down that the lineart was in fact made by me because my teacher initially thought it was a printout, something I found hilarious.

Pushing at that pesky comfort zone thing and trying to do a completely lineless watercolour study for the first time. The watercolours where extremely bad quality though, which led the entire thing to turn rather chalky when it dried. I was surprised to realise that until I added the green, the entire thing looked horrible. That's the power of contrasting colours I guess. Cool thing is that in the classroom we had this cat skull lying around, so I felt like a true artist painting it from first hand observation.

Aaron Tveit as Enjolras in the Les Miserables movie. Les Miserables (primarily the book, but also the movie and musical) have been a huge inspiration for me lately and influenced a lot of what I draw. I know that some people are of the opinion that fanart isn't the most creative of art out there, and to a certain degree I can agree, but at least this time my inspiration is drawn from a book where I do have to use my inner artistic eye in order to make visual art out of the written scenes.

Recently I've befriended a couple of Italians. As is usual when interacting with different cultures, teaching each other about swear words is an important step in mutual understanding. This was me playing with the saying 'Porco dio', which translates to 'God is a Pig' in Italian.

The infamous discus thrower. I did this on the bus on my way to London, and it was a nightmare. I am not made for drawing anywhere but at a desk.

A sketch I did this morning. Showing a classic example of me being too afraid to use colour.

A sphynx from yesterday. This time surprisingly sporting a tint of vermillion gouache in the background.

Peacock from yesterday, this time I did actually go out of my way to add some colour with colour pencil which is probably the medium I am most uncomfortable with.

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