Start your own sketchbook thread! Finished works or works in progress, it doesn't matter, this is just for you to show the artwork you've been working on.

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Postby Soraname » Mon Jun 19, 2017 2:53 pm

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Subject title: Soraname's Sketchbook [NSFW]

This sketchbook thing got me really interested because maybe posting all my randon sketches may help me with consistency :> At least I hope so lol. Also I tend to get bored (ADHD) really fast so I can't finish most of my sketches so I'll post some unfinished work here
Most drawing are from head, I'm not really into reference... I only use them when I can't see things right in my head. I know I should use them but sometimes it makes me frustrated... :/

C&C please <3 I really need them and feel free to ask any questions too

Spoiler: show
Made this one today because I wanted to draw a belly

Made this last week

Had been working on this for the past 2 months I believe, but it makes me sooo bored I quit in minutes...

Started this one last year and didn't manage to finish yet...

Started very quickly but got bored when I started adding colors...

Man... this one is old... something like 3 or 4 yers old and I still didn't finidh it because I can't like enough but still kinda like the idea

Started around the sime time the one above... I like it's Michael Jackson like face but when I start painting... ugh

I don't even know when I did this one but I wish I could finish some day

Oh this one has a good story lol I drew something very similar when I was like 13 and liked the Idea but lost the original one so I'm trying to redo it but I think it still misses something

Thanks for reading!
Sorry for bad english, I'm trying my best I swear! :>>


Postby Xiphor » Tue Jun 20, 2017 3:25 am

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Welcome to the forums! Hope to see more from you!!

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