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Postby owenoak95 » Thu Apr 17, 2014 9:11 pm

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Subject title: Would like a Study buddy/ Art Friend.

Hey guys, I love comic books and I'm practising to become a Comic Book Artist when I'm older. I've been drawing for about two years now and I'm starting to feel a little lost. I hate everything I draw and I loose motivation and I get overwhelmed with all the stuff I need to learn.I thought that if I had someone to practice art with then maybe drawing wound't be so hard for me. Thanks :)

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Postby Phillymoo » Thu May 01, 2014 7:41 pm

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I think your art is great. Never in my life have I seen lego island fan art, that makes you amazing to me! :lol:
Self motivation is one of the hardest things ever, I've struggled with it a lot. I'm not sure if i'd be the best study buddy as I'm struggling to strike a good balance between work and art at the minute but
I'm trying to get better myself and make the time. One of my good friends is also an aspiring comic book artist/writer Perhaps I could introduce you to him.


Postby marvel57 » Mon May 05, 2014 7:52 pm

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Owen-l'm a huge old-school comics art fan. I noticed your mostly into pin ups and portraits, in comics you've got to draw hundreds of panels that tell a story. Be aware of that and practice accordingly.The other option is cover art! One picture to sell the book. Not too many comic fans at sycra so just touching base..... :ugeek:

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