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Postby Lytt » Fri Jan 24, 2014 11:53 am

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Subject title: Searching someone who could teach me painting and or gesture

Hello ! I've started some weekd ago the basic anatomy and now I'm in painting, but the problem is it just hurt my head when I'm trying to learn from tutorials or when I'm trying to get into. So, I really could use some help from someone who could help me to learn how to do it. I mean by that going more far than just drawing a cube or a cylinder even i'll need to start at first by that ! Having someone who can tell me what's wrong and why it's will for sure help me to improve a lot and I know I can improve quite fast like that.

Here's some knowledge I have a little :
- Perspective : the basics cubes, round shapes, I can do some landscapes that doesn't involve lot of nature.
- Faces : A little about hair, I'm just starting to understand how it work, the eyes, mouth and some facial expressions, I'm not really good with the different angles.
- Anatomy : A little, I know about muscles but I'm not that good, proportions of female and male.

I'm here nearly all the week-end and I'm on +1 time zone (France). I can make a google hangout account and have skype at Lyttingers.
Anyway, If you think I can help you with things I know about faces and simplification into manga style I would be very happy to share it with you !

Thanks a lot !
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Postby Fedodika » Fri Jan 31, 2014 2:25 am

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pm me if you need help :)

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