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Postby DarkLored123 » Fri May 19, 2017 10:35 pm

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Subject title: Looking for art study buddies.

Hello, I'm looking for people who are working towards improving in art and are dedicated to it. I personally prefer if we share the same field of interest which for me is Japanese Manga Illustration type of thing since it is more convenient. Particularly I am looking for someone who is willing to dedicate an hour and half each day towards practice and do illustrations based on what they've learned during their practice sessions each day so both parties can asses each others progress.

You must have a Eastern timezone or a timezone that doesn't have much difference compared to Eastern time, you must be able to dedicate at least one hour and thirty minutes each day(exceptions are obviously allowed, although I prefer a consistent person). This is mainly for people who want to put time and effort for fast learning, I'll elaborate on the idea once more, the objective of this is to dedicate one hour and thirty minutes which will be divided into few sections which is:

1. Learning & Practicing Stage - 30 minutes(You learn theory and practice what you've been wanting to improve on by doing simple sketches)
2. Illustration Stage - 45 minutes(Use the new knowledge you've gained during the practice session combined with previous knowledge, e.g. You are pretty good in perspective but you decided to learn gesture, the illustration should contain both gesture and perspective in it to solidify the information. The illustration should be rather simple and not too complex for productivity sake)
3. Critiquing Stage - 15 minutes(Both parties share their practice sketches and illustrations that they've done and critique one another, determining what can be improved on and plan the next practice session.)

This is obviously only a general idea and is privy to change, however I would like to keep the flow of it the same and it has to be consistent. If you think it is worth a try and want to commit then please contact me on Discord, I'll leave the details below , Including my deviantArt and Instagram so you could see where I stand before making a decision on joining.

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Postby Sheriffpupper » Sat Sep 22, 2018 12:08 am

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R u still looking for people?

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