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Postby ZeroisDead » Sun Mar 20, 2016 1:13 am

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Subject title: Looking for a mentor or sorts...

Hello! As you can probably tell I am new here and looking for someone to help me improve my drawing.

I am a High School student and currently not that good (then again all people think their art isn't good, but I'm definitely not as skilled as the majority of people I see on the forums here), but I would love to improve in any way I can. I was looking for videos to help me on Youtube yesterday when I stumbled across Sycra's channel. I was instantly invested in his ideas for improving one's artistic abilities. But I also don't have many people to ask to analyze my work or give me advice on things to practice.

I have tried out different forms of art, but I mostly prefer drawing, especially drawing.I'm not one for drawing environments, I'm honestly more of a people person and I usually prefer drawing in more of a strange mix of comic book and anime style, but I would be happy to shake things up if someone could give me some things to practice drawing. Mainly something to improve my grasp on the fundamentals.

If someone could contact me that would be awesome. I could send pictures of my drawing if needed, I'm too timid (and lazy) to post them in the forums quite yet.

Just a simple teen with a focus in graphic art and design.

My sketchbook, if your interested:

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