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Postby Exsticy » Fri Oct 30, 2015 12:07 am

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Subject title: Lookng for tutor!

hello, im looking for a private tutor for one on one lessons, (if you are TEACHING a group i may also be interested) my schedule is pretty flexible tho 2-6 pm central is best for me, im looking for lessons over Skype or the likes, payment for services is an option.
my sketch book here on the forums should give a good idea of my current skill level or w/e. my main interest is in digital media. this is purely for my own enjoyment, im not looking for any kind of degree or certificate.
if this is something you are interested in leave a comment with a link to some of your work and ill be more then happy to talk details =)

PS. i have been looking online and not really finding any art tutors that are not part of some school program or something so i thought i would try here ;)

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