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Subject title: Looking For A Mentor!

Hello! I'm looking for a mentor who can help me further my art. Specific areas I'd like to improve on are anatomy, perspective, and color theory (though improvement on anything is a good improvement!). I'd consider myself to be at an amateur level in digital art and traditional art, as I'm not a beginner, but I'm also not a professional, or majorly skilled in them. I haven't posted my sketchbook here yet, but I post all of my art on dA ---> My main goal of having a mentor is to be able to have better art skills altogether, though I'd like to improve on figure drawing, animals, and lots more as well (sorry if I'm too vague on what I'd like to learn, but I'd like to expand my art horizon by a lot!). I don't have a skype, but email works perfectly for me. Post here or PM me if interested!
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