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Postby sgtmikey101 » Mon Mar 09, 2015 7:08 pm

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Subject title: Looking for a mentor

Background: I draw everyday, go to art school for 12 hours a day. I'm looking for a mentor because my actual education isn't getting me far. My program isn't the greatest, now that i'm in my final semester i can proudly say it. With that being said i'm not blaming my failure on my education. I do tons of studies, pose sketching,etc. I try to practice imagination but struggle. My friends know that i'm compfortable drawing traditionally but struggle drawing digitally despite drawing digitally since 2009. I understand that a person's ability should be 1 to 1 no matter digital or not but i struggle big time. I'm not having fun with art anymore and fun sketches are no longer fun since i see the error before i can even start. Its a constant scribble battle on my canvas, where i constantly try to fix my mistakes making my scribbles darker and incoherrent.

What i'm looking for in a mentor? I'm looking for anyone to be a mentor. I get thats a low standard but i feel like i can learn something new from everyone.

Thanks guys

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