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Subject title: Looking To Start A Study Group

:) Hey everyone, Realm here, (17, currently a junior in High School), I've been wanting to start a study group(casual and/or serious) for the longest while now. None of my friends at my school seem to be interested in making a group (especially since we don't have an art class), not even the anime club we started! I really want to become an animator someday and I don't have much experience in animation (so I'd like some help in that as well if possible). I also have a couple of art books ( though im not too sure how to learn from some of them). Anyways, I have a skype and google+, so if you're interested, please post a reply. (BTW, I guess I'm still quite an amateur, so I think I really need some help.) Here are some examples of where I currently am art wise:


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