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Subject title: Looking for someone to be my mentor for free.

I am getting frustrated. I don't know what to do and I feel like I'm not going anywhere. I Knew about concept art 2 years ago. I was amazed and I wanted to do the same thing, I wanted to draw from my imagination. I started researching and acquired a handful of knowledge, until now I'm still searching and had a few practice. I improved on sketching from reference but what I wanted was to be able to draw characters from imagination. So I started to research about gesture drawing and figures and anatomy. But so far I feel like I'm not going anywhere. I've been working on gesture drawings and figure drawings for some time now inconsistently for about 6 months now and nothing has improve with my figures. I need someone who loves teaching, someone who can guide me and tell me what to do, someone committed to teaching. My 1st goal is to improve my figures and to be able to draw them from imagination. Then I would start going about character designs. After that I would work on environment design which will include composition and all.. But I only need someone to help me to start walking on the right path.. Figure drawing and gesture drawing and a little character design teaching is enough for me. I'll figure the other stuff on my own. I need someone to I guess tell me what to draw..someone to give me a homework and at the same time teach? once a week will do or twice a week..just someone to give me instructions..a challenge.
Im sorry for my bad English and writing..also I'm not enrolled in an art school.. Im a dental student, which I hate to be, growing old. I have 3 years left, when I'm done with dental medicine Im going for an art school. oh I cant draw digitally yet because i dont have a graphics tablet..
here is a sketch I did with reference from google
Here is a portrait I did also with reference from google
I drew the face from imagination but I had a reference with the body.
here is my latest 1min figure drawing :( part 1
here is my latest 1min figure drawing :( part 2

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