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Postby Ryukishi » Thu Nov 27, 2014 6:37 am

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Subject title: Mentor looking for buddies/group

Hi, I'm available for coaching but I'd like to join a group (not to big) of buddies, I'm willing to start a new one with any of you guys. My first language is french and I don't have opportunities to practice my English so this is why I'd like to join a little team where I have room to talk, and with English born people that would be a plus. I'm drawing almost every day, usually around 15pm to 21pm EST.
I'm not use to, but I think what is common for desktop sharing is skype or google hangout. Anyway give me a shout.
here my website :
my facebook:
my skype: Rémi Allard Mayer or
my google hangout:

I've been added to the skype group, so I'll start there. I'm still opened to do coaching, if you are interested add me in skype

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