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Subject title: I'm Looking for a Mentor

Hi everyone,
My name is Évan, I'm from Québec in Canada and I'm actually looking for a mentor. Let me quickly explain you my path, excuse me for the bad English grammar, it's my secondary language:

-From 2011 to 2013: I've done a Graphic Design degree. In the last semester I've realised that it was clearly not for me and I've quit school.
-From 2013 to 2014 (Jan-Feb): I've questioned myself a lot, didn't really know where I was going in life... I was doing a little bit of 3D for fun in 3Ds Max...
-Around February I've got the chance to visit a huge game studio here in Montréal. After talking with the artists that day and looking at their work, my eyes suddenly open and BAM! It hit me in the face like a brick wall: ''I want to become a 3D Artist''.

From this point I've gotten my main goal, but how was I able to reach that job? So I've visited every school available in Québec, compared each of them and lovingly think about which one would be the best for me. Before I've made my final choice, I've talked with a game studio founder and the thing he told me chock me: In art you don't need a diploma, papers or any kind of scholar proof... You just need a solid portfolio.

From there I've decided to change my life schedule, to build a complete program by myself who would lead me to the job I was wishing for, I've started from 0 and learn by myself at home, 40 to 60 hours every week. I've done this routine for about 6 months and I've soon enough we face a big problem. The first time I did a complete character by myself, my head just explodes... it was so hard and for many days I've asked myself: ''Why?! Why am I not able to do a great looking model?!''

Day after day I've slowly started to understand by doing reverse engineering and finally conclude one thing: ''If I want to be a great 3D artist, I need to be great at drawing!'' At that moment my head fall, all my hope of being one day a great 3D artist fly away... because you need talent to learn how to draw and I don't have any!

But, after reading books and articles about learning to draw and the fact that ''talent doesn't exist and it's only a matter of practice''. I hope come back and I've started to draw, started to learn from the basic books for kids and now here I am!
I'm at the beginning of my learning journey of drawing, I approximately know where and what I need to do before touching a 3D software again.

But here's the thing, I feel lost...
Due to the fact that I've got a hard childhood and my self-esteem are inconsistent, I'm now looking for a Mentor in drawing because I don't know anything about it...

The main job I would like from a mentor is not to tell me exactly what to do, it's more like a coach who would help me to draw a solid schedule of maybe 6-8 hours a day, which book to buy and what to study. Catching me and by example giving me tips and motivation once or twice a week on Skype or something like that. I'm looking for someone who could just help me to stay on the track, to help me track my progress...
I would be ready to pay for it without hesitation, just tell me your price! I don't care if it's 20-25 or 30$/hours... As long as this guy/girl is going to follow me through my journey and help me, I'll pay for it with pleasure!
So if you are interested or having a friend who could be interested, please tell me. Take note that I would like someone who is ''serious'' about teaching, I want someone who has great knowledge of what he explain.

I'm a motivated person who wants to success in life and had enough suffer of depression/anxiety... now the only thing I want is to invest in my future, learn new thing!
Sorry for the very long post and thank you a lot for reading!

I hope to find someone soon!

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