This is where you can find, or volunteer to be, an art mentor, trainer, or mutual study buddy to help you push your art to the next level!

Postby Julia » Tue Aug 26, 2014 9:34 pm

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Subject title: Art buddies and probably mentor :}

Hello, I am a beginner - started drawing recently and my dream is to get into the game industry. I am focused and interested mainly on digital art. I love playing games and I am always inspired by beautiful ones. My favourite games are The Longest Journey/Dreamfall saga and Guild Wars 2.

Art buddies:
I would love to have more people in my life who are interested in art, because I don't have this in real-life.
It would be ideal if we can draw together and/or do hangouts, do challenges and inspire each other, but I'm also up for calls and chats.

Art mentor:
I just started, so I am immersed in art, but I don't have any knowledge and even basic skills. I want to start traditional art lessons soon, but having a full-time job makes it a bit hard, so if someone wants to help me on my journey and give critiques, would be immensely appreciated.

Skype username: mucuna name: Fire (just tell me you have it from here)
Here is my Sketchbook - there are only a few pieces there, but I hope I have the time to update it regularly.
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Postby SketchStudio » Wed Aug 27, 2014 3:57 am

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I'm done for an art buddy thingy-ma-bob. I've seen you art work and you could probably be MY mentor LOL. This is probably a one-sided deal cause I'm gonna learn more from you than you from me. But just PM me if you're down and we'll see were it goes from here. Hopefully we can grow and improve together :D

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